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About Us

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About us

Patronus Wealth Privé (DIFC) Limited (Patronus Wealth) is a Category 3C Licensed Asset Manager domiciled in the Dubai International Financial Centre, strategically located where East meets West, providing both individuals and institutional clients with portfolio management, investment advice, execution services and the licence to provide custody services in the private wealth management sphere.

Patronus Wealth adopts a long-term view, placing the emphasis on personalized relationships which are aimed at optimizing performance. Patronus Wealth is focused on combining growth with durability, and is run by a team of individuals with established experience in the traditions of Swiss private banking.

As wealth managers, Patronus Wealth exercises complete independence in all its financial activities. It does not engage in proprietary trading nor does it enter into positions for its own benefit on its balance sheet. Our main focus is on providing a client with a transparent, efficient and effective platform for wealth management services.