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About us

Diversification of Risk

Our clients have the opportunity of opening their account in Dubai, UAE with Patronus Wealth while having their physical assets custodized with global private banks in Switzerland, and Europe but managed by the same wealth management team in Dubai.

In addition to opening accounts directly with Patronus Wealth, clients can further diversify their risk by opening an account with major banks in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Singapore, where the relationship is opened, and actively managed and advised by Patronus Wealth in Dubai.

Single Point of Contact

All the client relationships are managed, advised and executed by a very experienced team in Dubai with combined experience of over 50 years of Swiss Private Banking.

Clients will have ready access to a management team Sunday through Friday.

They also have the comfort that their custody risk is diversified geographically and by an institution, thus minimizing concentration risk. We seek to build long term client relationships with our clients, in line with a culture and approach of a boutique asset management firm steeped deep in the traditions of Swiss wealth management. In a day when information is more valuable a commodity than the wealth we manage, minimizing the exposure of confidential information to just one team is very advantageous and desirable to private clients who are concerned with maintaining discretion and confidentiality.

Discretion & Data Protection

In today’s world of private wealth management, private information and client information needs to be protected. Patronus Wealth provides a strong data protection through its single point of contact. Client information is strictly limited to a very small and carefully selected group of individuals and access to the information is carefully managed and secured. Client information remains in a stand-alone facility with no outside connectivity to any network locally or via the internet with access only to key management and compliance staff.


Patronus Wealth operates on a Sunday through to Friday, therefore covering both Middle Eastern and Central European hours. Our office is staffed from 9am to 6pm UAE time to ensure our clients’ needs are always met. Therefore, for a client or an independent asset manager located in the Middle East, Europe, Africa or Asia, Patronus Wealth will provide a seamless, constant service and response.