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Types of Mandates

Services & Offering

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Discretionary portfolio management is suitable for clients who wish to have their funds professionally managed but do not have the time to be directly involved in the day to day management process. Instead, clients would then choose a portfolio model that best suits them in terms of investment experience, risk appetite, return objectives and investment horizon, and the firm’s portfolio management team will actively manage a suitable profile for the client.

These models are:

  1. Conservative The Conservative portfolio investment seeks a long-term capital preservation and generation of regular interest income. It is designed for investors seeking low volatility by allocating investments primarily to fixed income and money market instruments.
  2. Defensive The Defensive portfolio investment seeks a long-term capital growth and generation of regular interest income. It is designed for investors seeking moderate volatility by allocating investments mainly to fixed income and money market instruments. A small component of equity and non-traditional investments may be included to enhance returns over the long-term horizon.
  3. Balanced The Balanced portfolio investment seeks a mix of income and long-term capital growth with generation of interest and dividend income. It is designed for investors seeking average volatility by allocating investments between fixed income and money market instruments, and equity and non-traditional investment instruments.
  4. Growth The Growth portfolio investment seeks a significant long-term capital growth with moderate generation of interest and dividend income. It is designed for investors seeking above average volatility by allocating investments largely to equity and non-traditional investment instruments. Fixed income and money market instruments comprise the rest of investment allocation.

Investment Advisory

The investment advisory service is for clients who still like to be in control of their portfolio of investments but require regular investment input, balancing and thematic ideas presented to them.

Investment advisory offers many advantages:

  • A dedicated portfolio manager with a proactive approach.
  • Continuous market analysis and portfolio tracking.
  • Expert advice to seize the best opportunities.
  • Advice in allocating and building your portfolio.

Investment advisory offers a direct and guided access to a wide range of asset classes e.g. equities, bonds, hedge funds and commodity linked investments with currency hedging.

Investment advisory is an integrated service that allows you to benefit from our in-house expertise:

  • A regular and personalized monitoring of your portfolio.
  • Clear information with our experts’ analysis.
  • Our expertise of all asset classes available to you.
  • Detecting investment opportunities as they evolve.
  • Reactivity through risk alerts and appropriate hedging solutions.
  • Specific alerts on your particular investments in a timely manner.

Our in-house portfolio manager is able to structure bespoke investment portfolio proposals based on the client’s experience, return objectives, lifecycle stage, suitability and risk profile. Portfolios are constructed with simple tools, using either funds, equity or bonds so that clients do not need to be experts at investment management to understand their portfolio.

Our team will construct a portfolio with the best of breed managers given the prevailing economic conditions at the time, and taking into consideration themes and trends such as momentum, value or growth.

Specific thematic investment ideas will be presented to clients based on suitability, but constructed in a simple transparent manner. This way clients always have the comfort that both the asset manager and the client are on the same side of the table.

Our research is gleaned from market feeds, closely following selected fund managers, regular independent analysis of stocks and bonds, and the house views from major respected western financial institutions.

Investment advisory is available for clients with investable assets in excess of USD 1 Mio.

Execution Only

Clients direct all investments on their portfolio and the firm will execute those transactions on a best-execution basis.

Clients take on the responsibility for the risk associated with each investment and whether or not such an investment is suitable for their risk/return profile. As such, the client waives suitability limitations associated with those investments. Under such a mandate, we as a firm do not provide advice on quality of investments or risks associated with such investments including but not limited to geographical, currency, concentration or liquidity risk.

Should a client request more information on a specific investment, such information would be provided on a best-efforts basis and the decision to invest is taken at the client’s risk and discretion. The client waives suitability for execution only mandates.